Cookidoo Across the World

Thermomix and Cookidoo are used in many countries across the world. The recipe platform Cookidoo has close to 99,000 recipes world-wide but at first you might not see all those on your TM6 or in your own Cookidoo app. There are two reasons for this first, because you have filters that limit which recipes you see, and second, because you were sent a link by someone from another country.

Fixing the filters is easy just go to your profile in Cookidoo and set which countries and languages you want to see. I strongly recommend you clear all country filters, and set the language filters for languages you can read or read enough to know if it's a recipe you would like to investigate further: you can then use the translation capabilities built into your browser to translate a recipe into your language. The TM6 does not itself offer translation at least not yet! Learn more about setting your filters.

The second reason why you might not see a recipe or see only the ingredients, and not the cooking instructions is when you have been sent a recipe by a Thermomix user in a different country. While the Cookidoo recipe database is international, each main country has its own Cookidoo server; this allows different countries to introduce new Cookidoo recipes and features at different times, to suit their own markets. There is a special server called the international server which is used for several smaller Thermomix markets a better name for this might have been 'Rest of the World'.

The link to a Cookidoo recipe (or collection of recipes) has the country-specific server at the start of the URL. For example, in the USA, the URL for the popular Parmesan Risotto is, while in Australia, the same recipe can be found at Notice that the recipe number (r468067 in this case) is the same, but the parts before that are different. In England, this same recipe is at

If you typically use your phone for reading links sent by text or email, this different URL might be invisible to you the Cookidoo mobile app normally translates the URL to the right one for your country automatically. However, on a desktop browser, if you open an Australian link in the USA, or vice versa, typically you will see only the ingredient list and not the cooking instructions, with a comment that you need to log in. You can't log in to a different country's Cookidoo server that foreign server will not have your login details. What you need to do is to replace the first part of the URL with the right one for your own country. For your convenience, I have created a script to do that for you, so you can click on a button in your browser and have it fix the link for you. For more information, see How to fix Cookidoo links.