First Recipes to Cook in your Thermomix®

So you've acquired a Thermomix TM6! What do you cook first? Here are some suggestions.

Chicken stock paste
Vegetable stock paste
These are two foundational items that you should always have in stock (pun intended!) If you do not have your own stock paste, you can substitute bouillon cubes or paste, but it is more satisfying to make your own where you know each ingredient.
Mushroom risotto (TM6)
Risottos are so easy in the Thermomix - it does all the chopping and stirring for you! Search Cookidoo for many other delicious risotto recipes.
Focaccia with Sea Salt Flakes
Focaccia is so easily made in the Thermomix, and an excellent side for many dishes, especially appetizers, tapas, etc. You can substitute the topping with other herbs and spices to make more variations.
Cauliflower Rice
Just as focaccia is an excellent side for starters and snacks, cauliflower rice is good as a simple vegetable side, especially if you are trying to reduce carbohydrate consumption. Swap out the cauliflower for broccoli, Romanesco, or a mix of these. Tweak the chopping time to get texture that suits you, and tweak the cooking time to get the doneness you want - but don't chop or cook too long unless you want vegetable purée!
Broccoli Sauté
Another excellent all-purpose vegetable side. Personally, I like to extend the cooking time here by about 1-2 minutes, and I like to add about 1 tablespoon of oyster sauce near the end of cooking - so I cook the recipe as given, then add the koister sauce once it's done, then cook another 1-2 minutes / Varoma / reverse / speed 1.
Cod Soup with Crispy Bacon and Leeks
Green Chillies With Pork Belly
Simple steamed salmon
Sweet and Sour Pork Ribs
Tinga de Pollo (TM6)
All good first main dishes to try, each 45 minutes or less.
Pizza Dough
So easy to make really good pizza dough! Cover with your favorite toppings and cook in your oven on a Baking Steel, or in your Brava, Oooni, Gozney, or whatever you use to make pizzas!
Classic Zabaglione
Dessert with four ingredients, one cooking step, delicious results in 15 minutes. It couldn't be easier!

Click on this link on your phone to get a collection with the above recipes. Below are some other collections you might find of interest. Unfortunately, these shared collection links do not work on a desktop computer.

Good Breads
The Thermomix is excellent at making dough - so try some of these bread recipes.
Basic rubs and spice mixes
Basic Sauces
Dessert Basics
Recipes not so much for a finished dish, but rather for basic processes, or ingredients you can make yourself to save money.

For some other ideas, see the section What to Cook? in my Guide to the Thermomix TM6.