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Free shipping on your new TM6 if you purchase through me, and a free Welcome Service, where I show you how to use your new kitchen assistant.

Until May 26, 2024, 11:59pm PT, host a Thermomix Cooking Experience with two guests and receive the Thermomix Cutter for 50% off.

Get on the waiting list for the New Thermomix Sensor!

Add your name to the waiting list for the newest Thermomix accessory – turn a guess into success with the game changing sensor! First, get to the Thermomix shop with this link, then select Thermomix Sensor from the TM6 menu at the top left. On the next screen, click on the Join the waitlist button, and complete the form on the next page.

Videos demonstrating the Thermomix

To see more about what the Thermomix TM6 can do, watch these videos:

Useful Information, Tips, and Hints

TM6 Unboxing Guide
What to do on receipt of your new TM6.
A Guide to the Thermomix TM6, version 2.3
Nick's handy notes and tips for the Thermomix®.
What to Cook First?
So you've acquired a Thermomix®! What do you cook first? Here are some suggestions.
The Cutter Booklet
US Instruction Manual for the Cutter accessory.
Thermomix - Cook Like a Chef
Recipes from the pros.
Collette Mitrega's Handy Thermomix Reference Sheets
Useful information from a consultant in Australia - but still applicable here.
Thermomix Times, Temperatures, and Speeds
Thermomix TM6 instructions for manual cooking usage. Extracted from the User Guide, this information used to be in printed copies of the Basic Cookbook. Some of this information is now built in to the Chop mode.
Thermomix Cheat Sheet
Quick guide to modes, chopping times and speeds, etc.
Cookidoo Across the World
Can you not see all the recipes you think you should be able to see? Are you unable to use a recipe that was shared with you by someone in a different country? Read about Cookidoo Across the World.

Recipe Sites

In addition to the many thousands of recipes on Cookidoo (getting close to 100,000 total, and 11,000 of those in English), there are many other sites with recipes for your TM6. Try some of these:

Or, if you want to stick with Cookidoo for the ease of Guided Cooking, here's a set of recommended Cookidoo recipes:

Thermomix Recipe Communities

In these recipe community sites, Thermomix users share their own creations. These are uncurated collections - some recipes are better than others! On most of these sites, it is easy to add the recipes to your own Created recipes collection, using an Add to Cookidoo button.

Ingredient Quantities and Substitutions

If you don't have an ingredient called for in some recipe, or if you do not like some ingredient, you can often substitute something close. For some suggestions, see https://thermofun.com/thermofun-herb-spice-substitute/, https://www.allrecipes.com/article/common-ingredient-substitutions/, or similar sites (search for "ingredient substitutions"). If the quantities or ingredients are too different from a recipe, the TM6 may refuse to continue the recipe in guided cooking, but you can continue manually.